Oct 23

Reviving Crafty Pinoy

It’s been a long time since I last posted here in Crafty Pinoy. Four years! I guess I just never really knew what to do about this. Or, the fact that I was never really solved with the idea of blogging about crafty materials and other people’s crafts. I grew up with artists for parents who made sure my sister and spent all our summers at home learning an art or something crafty — it’s not like I’ve never done any arts and crafts.

I guess it was more of the fact that I never really found the time for doing something crafty. My work as a web designer keeps me really busy — sometimes I get so drained from my job that I just want to spend the weekend resting. But the thing is, having a job that requires creativity sometimes put me at the point of losing inspiration. And whenever that happens, doing arts and crafts never failed to get that creativity back. So there. I no longer have an excuse to do arts and crafts during my free time. 😀 Besides, I miss spending “arts and crafts time” with my younger sister Joyce — I think finding time for crafty stuff will not only help me relax, but have some quality time with my one and only sibling.

I honestly don’t think I’d be able to blog really often here, but it’s definitely not going to be once every four years 😛 Hopefully I’d be able to share with you my weekend crafts as often as I could. Stay tuned, and allow me to welcome you back to Crafty Pinoy! 🙂



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