Dec 21

Recycled Christmas decors

My sister and I don’t always put up the Christmas tree. For sure, last year, we didn’t. It’s just too much of a hassle putting the tree and everything else back in the storage. But this year, we finally have a household help so it’s time for the tree to shine once more!

We’ve already put up the tree when we realized important stuff missing: the Christmas tree decors! As it turned out, the decors were thrown out when they were damaged during the flood when Typhoon Ondoy hit a few years back. The last time we put up the tree was before Ondoy, so it’s no surprise we’d totally forget we had no baubles 🙁


It wasn’t often I get free time to work on the tree (so many things to do at work before Christmas break), so I really didn’t want to stop just because we were missing “a few” stuff. Luckily, I had some left over materials from our previous art projects, as well as old Christmas decors ready to hit the trash. Check out what my sister and I came up with…


We made a variety of little gifts and ribbons, and hung them on the tree. The “foam” inside the gifts and the Christmas tree star came from the box foam of a refrigerator my dad recently bought (this used to be the foam supporting the fridge in the box). We might need to put a little bit more decors, but this sure beats buying another set of expensive baubles!





I wanted to brighten up our home office with a bit of holiday cheer, so from an old box, red and green wrapper, and gold string, here’s what I came up with:


I should have added a bit more space between “Happy” and “Holidays.” But hey, it’s the thought that counts! 😀 Maybe I’ll have the time to fix this up during the break. But for now, this will do 🙂



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