Mar 27

Playing with polymer clay

I don’t really know where I got the idea of doing polymer clay art as a hobby, but I’m starting to like it. I’m a web designer by profession, so it’s a huge help to relax and “diversify” whenever I get the dreaded creative block brought on by stress and overworking.

Abract polymer clay art

I’ve made this small thing for my aunt last Christmas. I don’t know what it means, but it only has two purposes: as a decor, or as a paperweight. I’m still a novice at this. Hopefully the next one will be a hell lot more functional! 🙂



  1. Marley says:

    Nice artwork! Great job for a novice 🙂 and I’d also like to try this one!

  2. hegs says:

    hi, is it ok if i post some of my work here? i need feedback from someone who’s also into clay art, to help me improve my craft, thanks

  3. Marc Villanueva says:

    Sure, go!


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