Jun 25

Personalized ribbons

Here’s a cool way to spice up your wedding stuff:

personalized satin ribbons

I used these personalized ribbons for a previous wedding invitations client. You can have them made in Divisoria (sorry, I already forgot the name of the store) at around $6 per roll. The price varies depending on the type and size of ribbon that you want.

Thing is, you’ll have to get at least five rolls since they’ll be custom-made. Well, you can always use the ribbons for decorating gifts if you can’t use all five rolls right? 😉



  1. Janlo says:

    Hi I’m so glad I saw this post. I need the supplier of the ribbon. could you please tell me how to go to the place? Thanks.

  2. Monette says:

    Hi! I badly need the rounded wooden sticks (by September 25th). Is there any way for me to get about 100 pcs. of them shipped to Walnut, California, 91789 USA?

    Would appreciate very much your response please at simonette196@yahoo.com.

  3. Kristine says:

    Hi, thanks for posting this up! Can you describe the general area where you found the shop where they make personalized ribbons? 🙂 Any information you can give will be much appreciated.

    Thank you!

  4. Gail says:

    @Kristine: I think it’s along Tabora St. in Binondo, Manila. It’s the same alley/street as Good Morning Co., Inc.

  5. polin says:

    hi! just wanted to ask if you have any idea how many yards are there in 1 roll? and if you know any suppliers here in cebu? tnx so much!

  6. lizamay says:

    hi! i need exactly like these ribbons. Could you help me track the address of the supplier? asap. thanks!

  7. Yvette says:

    please send me how much is the cost of the personalized ribbon per roll and how can get in touch with you where is your store located?

  8. Yuppy88 says:

    try Michelle’s Ribbon and Lace Center located G/F Tutuban Prime Block C.M. Recto Manila Tel. 2542968 ; 2542935. Safe and with parking spaces. There’s a minimum quantity required for personalized ribbons but usually the cost of printing is high compared to the cost of the ribbons, if you are using ordinary satin ribbons only. Try surfing google.com and search Michelle’s Ribbon and Lace Center, you will see their flickr account.

  9. Chiqui says:

    Hi ! we do personalized ribbons and you can have them in 3-5 days. One roll consists of 50 yds. No minimum required on the number of rolls. You may visit any Wrap it up Store at the following malls. Mall of asia, SM North edsa the block, Megamall, SM Cebu, SM Lipa,Waltermart Makati and North Edsa, Calamba and Sta. Rosa Laguna too. Price per roll is Php495 and Php595 depending on the width.

  10. angela says:

    I have my personalized ribbons and wrappers made at a store called Wrap It Up! in SM Mall of Asia. They do embossed also! I looove the ribbons very much! They are not expensive at all.

  11. gidget says:

    i’m in cebu and i need the email adddy of WRAP IT UP. I don’t think there’s anyone here who can make branded/personalized ribbons in less than 2 weeks!

  12. jen says:

    can anybody give me the email address of WRAP IT UP megamall branch?

  13. aNNE qUINDAY says:

    I accept orders for personalized ribbons you may contact me at 09274790455

  14. aNNE qUINDAY says:

    I bought the machine when i had my recent trip in Florida USA. I am based in Zamboanga City

  15. Jana Roxas says:

    Hi! we offer personalized ribbon. Pls contact us at 09275774463 for more info.

    Thank you.

  16. Jana Roxas says:

    Hi! we offer personalized ribbon. Pls contact us at 09275774463 and 09229895905 for more info.

    Thank you.

  17. things remembered says:

    We sell a wide assortment of high quality, low cost personalized ribbons for all occasions. Please contact us at 0922-8635216 or visit or site at http://www.thingsremembered.multiply.com

  18. Hanna says:

    I got their marker when I had my stuff wrapped up in Makati!
    WRAP IT UP!- 09088619313.
    5560449- MOA
    6317750- Megamall
    4420080- North EDSA

  19. jenny says:

    Does anyone knows where can i contact wrap it up-cebu?can i have their contact number please?thank you very much.

  20. artsy fartsy says:

    my cousin had her small wedding last month and she ordered at wrapit up! online. no minimum quantity. the email if im nt mistaken is mail@wrapitup.com.ph
    they send via lbc. one week is the lead time.

  21. rose says:

    Where can i place order for personalize wedding ribbon? how much per roll? size of the ribbon same with the picture above. the color is chocolate brown & the name in print is matte gold, pls help me. u can send me thru my email, my wedding day is already on the 9th of august, 2010. tnx so much.

  22. ma.fe says:

    hi , where can i buy floral wires # 24 at wholesale basis. thanks

  23. raquel says:

    hi do the the unique handcrafted personalized ribbon, inspired by our pastillas wrapper Filipino art of bulacan and banderitas for wedding featured in Martha Stewart weddings.i hope that you will help me promote and appreciate our truly filipino handcrafted art . thank you and god bless.http://thelion71.multiply.com/

  24. tmv trading says:

    we do accept order for customized ribbons. Please contact us at 7100326 or cp 0920-2141111

  25. yuppy88 says:

    raquel.. you can buy at Michelle’s Ribbon and Lace Center Tutuban Prime Block Ground Floor…

  26. joanne a says:

    to anne quinday, anong machine ba yan? i saw one w/c has to be connected to a computer…mukhang mahal…

  27. i am very interested in putting up wrap it up store franchise in cagayan de oro or iligan city

  28. ria says:

    we do personalized ribbons, no minimum rolls required. pls contact me for inquiries 09175294835 / 029641404- Ria thank you! 🙂

  29. mara roque says:

    hi i’m currently looking for a thermal ribbon print the design is customized. i found some services such as wrap it up and michelle’s ribbon. wrap it up can do only one color print and in michelle’s their minimum is 10 rolls but i just need 2 roll. the ribbon will be for a corporate event. i hope you can help me with this one and suggest other stores.

    thank you

  30. Laura says:

    My friend works for Wrap It Up! You can contact them at 09088619313 and 0917 5768129. I bought mine for 525/ roll. Loved it!

  31. daisy santos says:

    i need machine for ribbon labelling.. help me with this one and suggest stores. tnxmch 🙂

  32. abby dumdum says:


    can anybody help me how to get the no. of WRAP it UP @sm cebu??
    I badly need it,my wedding will be on oct 15 this year and i need to have thier personalized ribbon…i hope you can help me…thanks and godbless…

  33. Edlyn says:

    Hi ! can anybody help me to find suppliers of Digital Ribbon Printer used for Printing Ribbons for funeral, birthday,sash,weeding etc…
    We need it.

    thanks and God bless

  34. Hi, we are an exclusive distributor of a digital ribbon printer. Do email us at sales@adevensolutions.com for inquiries. Thanks

  35. jane says:

    Hi I would like to ask how much is the price for the personalized ribbon? What are the sizes and colors available and how much is the minimum order that I could place?


  36. abigail says:

    Hi! Good afternoon. Do you know where we can buy digital ribbon printers in Manila or Cebu? If possible, a machine that can print various sized ribbons. Hope you can help us with this.

    Thank you.

  37. Rodilla daquio says:

    Hi my cousins made a personalized ribbons minimum order of 1 roll…sizes 1/2″ p300,1″p400 there contact number 7205997,09089381138…..

  38. riza says:

    Hi, i need suppliers of personalized ribbon printer, for gift wrapping, labels, etc. . Pls help

  39. Maybelle says:

    Hi, I know a store that offers beautiful and unique ribbons/personalized ribbons.. It is located at SM Calamba, 2nd floor, WRAP IT UP!
    You can contact them at +63 908 861 9313..
    Thank you!

  40. chitty says:


    How much would it cost for the ribbon printing of four names, color baby green & about 1/2 an inch wide.

    thank you.

  41. Cerry says:

    Hi! I really need a supplier for this kind of ribbon. Can you help me where I can order such thing. please please please! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

  42. Mafe says:

    visit our FB PAGE: http://www.facebook.com/myslipperfactory.

    CALL or text us : 0905 68 33 200

  43. lotlot says:

    hi, we do personalized/printed ribbons. production timeframe is 4-5 days. we ship outside metro manila. pls visit https://www.facebook.com/unopoloprintingandadvertisingservices/?ref=hl. pls free to drop your msg or contact us thru 09234898050 / 584-8460. thank you.

  44. Lagrimas caratao says:

    Hi to all contact me if who willing to buy wholesale ribbon or retail satin ribbon or reversible ribbon contact us. 09168606352 sales at michelle’s ribbon & lace center thank you….

  45. Lagrimas caratao says:

    Hi who is willing to buy wholesale satin ribbon and also reversible ribbon contact us 09168606352 sales at Michelle’s ribbon and lace center

  46. ailyn says:

    were having ribbon cutting this july, 2016 but i dont know any shop that i can personalized for our ribbon,,

    could anyone know where?

  47. lotlot says:

    pls visit our website https://unopoloprint.wordpress.com/ or facebok https://www.facebook.com/unopoloprintingandadvertisingservices/

    we offer affordable printed ribbons. thank you

  48. JULIE says:

    hI, i WOULD LIKE to ask , if anyone here, knew about Ribbon MAker Tool Kit?

  49. Myra Aguilar says:

    Need Ribbon for our Company


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