Apr 25

Making “golden” scroll sticks

You only need three things to do this: gold brass spray paint, wooden rounded sticks, and old newspapers.

Gold-sprayed wooden rounded sticks

Rounded sticks usually come in its natural color. You can get them already golden, but of course, it’ll be more expensive (besides, I don’t know where to get those! hehe). If you’re going to need to make a lot of gold scroll sticks—like you’re going to use them for scroll invitations or scroll calendar give-aways—it’s best that you get the plain wooden ones and just paint them yourself. The little difference that a peso makes can lower the cost of production significantly. So again, yeah. You can get natural rounded sticks in Divisoria as well (at Julie T. Go Native Store at 793 Illaya Street in Binondo, Manila, to be more specific). But if you’re going to make only a few, you might be better off getting the more expensive, already-golden wooden rods.

The process is simple, and a bit self-explanatory. Spread out old newspapers outdoors (in your garden perhaps) on a bench, lay out the sticks with the edges hanging a bit, then spray on the paint. Let them dry for a bit and then spray on the other edge. You don’t necessarily have to coat the entire stick with paint unless the invitation or calendar design you’ll make needs the golden sticks to show.

Simple? Try it then! 🙂



  1. Lindani says:

    Hi there

    I came accross you blog while searching for scrolls sticks! Your tips are very useful – I am just struggling to find a reasonably priced supplier of the sticks here in South Africa. I would like to make wedding scrolls. I have resorted to purchasing dowel rods from a hardware store in the hope that I can find a carpenter to do the ends for me.

    Take care

  2. Jackie says:

    when can i purchase the sticks please?

  3. Jho says:

    hi, thanks for the info of where to buy those sticks to be used for the invitations. I can now DIY my wedding invitations. Thanks again. :o)

  4. James Padua says:

    My name is james we are supplier of scroll scrap booking materials educational materials you can email us to displayheaven@hotmail.com or you can call us to 00639202082024

  5. pat says:

    looking to make wedding programs where can i find this

  6. Terry Taxson says:

    Where can I oder good wooden scroll sticks?

  7. dee says:

    Crafty Pinoy indicated where one can buy wooden scroll sticks in her post:

    Julie T. Go Native Store at 793 Illaya Street in Binondo, Manila

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  9. Cheska says:

    Are the sticks available in other native stores? and btw, is the native store you’re saying is still there in binondo?

  10. ana agbo says:

    message for Julie Go. My name is Ruffa, I used to buy abaca rope rope, wooden beads and other items. I was located in las pinas then but now moved to Bohol. Pls put us in contact as I have enquiry. Many thanks

  11. ana agbo says:

    my cell number 09466389457.


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