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Apr 11

Abaca mat

If you’re into scrapbooking, there’s a great chance that you’ve seen this material (and probably even made use of it). But the ones you’ve probably bought are the teeny-weeny pieces that come in little packages (not to mention quite expensive). I don’t do scrapbooking much (I’m not exactly an avid fan), but I’ve used the abaca mat quite often in my art works.

Abaca mat

I get my abaca mat at P100 (approximately $2) from Divisoria. I forgot how many yards that is, but it definitely beats buying those puny pieces from a scrapbooking specialty store.

Abaca, by the way, is a species of the banana plant and can be found here in the Philippines, Borneo and Sumatra. This mat is only one way of how the abaca fibers can be woven and used.