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Jan 21

My “snow-less” snowman

I’ve been meaning to blog about this during the holiday break, but I just kept on forgetting to take photos of the finished paper sculpture 😛 Anyway, last Christmas, my sister and I decided we wanted a snowman.

Unfortunately, snow is not something we have here in the Philippines. It never snows here! Our solution? Make a snowman out of paper mache.

Paper Snowman in progress

I didn’t want to go through the tiring process of mashing up newspaper pulp to make our sculpture. We wanted the snowman BIG, like big enough that people passing by our house would be able to easily see it from the gate (we planned to put the snowman on the foyer). Mashing up loads of old newspapers just wouldn’t do. So we did the next best thing: crumple up the old newspapers, shape and stick them together with tape! ( Read more )

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Dec 21

Recycled Christmas decors

My sister and I don’t always put up the Christmas tree. For sure, last year, we didn’t. It’s just too much of a hassle putting the tree and everything else back in the storage. But this year, we finally have a household help so it’s time for the tree to shine once more!

We’ve already put up the tree when we realized important stuff missing: the Christmas tree decors! As it turned out, the decors were thrown out when they were damaged during the flood when Typhoon Ondoy hit a few years back. The last time we put up the tree was before Ondoy, so it’s no surprise we’d totally forget we had no baubles 🙁


It wasn’t often I get free time to work on the tree (so many things to do at work before Christmas break), so I really didn’t want to stop just because we were missing “a few” stuff. Luckily, I had some left over materials from our previous art projects, as well as old Christmas decors ready to hit the trash. Check out what my sister and I came up with… ( Read more )