Category: Crafty Ideas

Apr 19

Fossilized flowers from Quirino

I run a small novelty invitations and souvenirs business with my sister, and we’re always on the lookout for cool new ideas. We stumbled upon Madella’s Fossilized Flowers in an exhibit at the Gateway Mall.

Quirino fossilized flowers

I totally forgot what these fossilized flowers came from. And before you ask, no these weren’t made of paper, but of real dried leaves. The leaves are dried and then wrapped around a Styrofoam ball stuck on thin branch. The price for each of these flowers ranges from P3 ($0.06) to P10 ($0.20).

Some people use these flowers as decor, but I find them too dull to decorate our home (no need to water them, but still). These fossilized flowers make great wedding souvenirs though—tie them up with some fancy ribbon with a tag, and you’ll have something pretty to give your guests. They cost pretty cheap, but how would they know? 😉