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Jun 13

Cebu souvenirs

I’ve been meaning to blog this after my trip to Bohol and Cebu last April, but I guess I’ve just been too busy with work. Take a look at this shot I took of a souvenir shop in Cebu:

Cebu souvenirs bead bracelets key chains

I can’t remember exactly where the we saw these souvenirs (it’s been more than a month since the trip), it was in an old fort in Mactan. I would have gotten a bead bracelet (I’m quite fond of wearing those), but it was a tad bit expensive for me. Tourist prices don’t really come in cheap, and I probably could get something similar in Divisoria or some tiangge in Greenhills. I did get my dad a Bohol souvenir key chain though (it’s quite similar to the ones on the picture, but instead of Cebuano icons and text, it was a shell keychain with a “Bohol” engraving).

You can get these key chains and bracelets from souvenir shops scattered in Bohol and Cebu (especially within the peripheries of tourist spots). They’re not very extravagant gifts, but if you just want to bring home something that will remind you of your trip, I think these will do.